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Can I Choose the Gender of My Adopted Child?

For a wide variety of reasons, many parents seeking to adopt a child have preferences pertaining to that child's gender. In Washington there is no legal prohibition against seeking to specifically adopt a boy or girl. But it can make the adoption process take longer and be more difficult. And not all adoption professionals are willing to work with a family who wants to adopt a child only of a specific gender. If you have a preference for the gender of your adopted child, it is best to seek the counsel and assistance of an experienced attorney.

Washington Adoption Lawyer Assisting With Gender Choices

Joyce Schwensen is a seasoned Seattle-based adoption lawyer and former adoption agency executive director who can assist you if you are seeking to adopt only a girl or only a boy. She will give you a frank assessment of your opportunities and discuss your best options. Having a gender preference for your child is an understandable sentiment and one that can be accommodated under certain circumstances.

Call Law Office of Joyce S. Schwensen today at (206) 367-1065 to schedule a consultation. Joyce Schwensen helps people throughout Washington, including in Tacoma, Vancouver, and Spokane. She is based in Seattle.

King County Gender Choices in Adoptions Overview

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How Private Adoption Can Facilitate Gender Choice

In a private adoption, parents seeking to adopt are matched with birth parents seeking to place their child for adoption, usually with the assistance of an adoption attorney, agency, or other professional.

Adoptive parents are limited to adopting only children with characteristics which are approved by their home study provider, such as the child’s race, age at the time of adoption, and special needs. When the adopting family wants to place additional limits on the children they can adopt by specifying the gender of the child, it can add to the difficulty in finding an appropriate match between the adopting family and the child. For example, in many newborn adoptions, the birth mother does not know the gender of the child prior to birth since she may not have access to medically unnecessary testing. And some birth parents would prefer an adoptive family that does not specify the desired gender of the child to be adopted.

Despite the possibility of delays, Joyce Schwensen has worked successfully with many adoptive families who for personal reasons want to specify the gender of the child they are adopting. If this is your situation, call Law Office of Joyce S. Schwensen today at (206) 367-1065 to schedule a consultation so you can make sound decisions about your adoption plan moving forward.

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Agencies and Parents Allowing Gender Choice

There are many valid and acceptable reasons to want to adopt a child of a particular gender. A parent may consider the current gender dynamics in the household, or may feel more prepared to raise a child of one gender than the other.

For some, though, gender preferences can have a negative connotation. Some adoption agencies, therefore, prohibit seeking a child with a specific sex as a criterion and some potential birth parents may be turned off and not agree to further discussions.

This is one way an experienced adoption attorney can be very helpful. A lawyer who deals with adoption agencies on a regular basis is better equipped to know which ones to turn to if the adoptive parents have a gender preference. Likewise, an attorney knows how to speak to birth parents to gauge whether they would be willing to proceed if the parent specifically wants a boy or girl.

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Finding a Seattle Attorney to Assist with Adoption of a Boy or Girl

Joyce Schwensen is an experienced Washington adoption lawyer, seeking to make the dreams of parents to adopt a boy or girl come true. If you have a preference for the gender of the child you hope to adopt, schedule a consultation, where you can learn about your options. Call (206) 367-1065 today.

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