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Assistance to Birth Fathers

If you've discovered you are to become a father, you may be considering many options for your child. The best option may be to place your child for adoption. Many people are seeking to become loving parents to a child by adopting, and are ready to give your child a good home.

As a father, you have rights to help make these important decisions. Adoption is not a decision for only the mother, regardless of whether you and the mother are in any sort of current relationship. You may have input into these decisions, including whether you wish to maintain a relationship with your child through an open or semi-open adoption.

Washington Adoption Lawyer for Birth Fathers

A Washington adoption lawyer can help you exercise these rights over these important decisions. Attorney Joyce Schwensen can provide you with all the information and advice you need to make the best choice. If you are a father of a child that may be placed for adoption, call Law Office of Joyce S. Schwensen at (206) 367-1065 to arrange for a consultation.

Joyce Schwensen assists birth parents, including fathers, considering placing their children for adoption across Washington State, including in Seattle, Tacoma, Spokane and Vancouver.

Information Center for Washington Birth Fathers

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Considering Whether to Consent to An Adoption of Your Child

The mother may not be able to place the child for adoption without obtaining your written consent.  If the mother of your child is asking for you to consent to an adoption, it is best that you seek legal advice to decide what is best for you and the child. It is sometimes possible to consent to the adoption and still maintain contact with the child. If adoption is something you are thinking about, there are many wonderful families waiting to adopt a child. An adoption lawyer can help you decide whether to go forward with an adoption, and help you find a family to adopt the child that shares your values and interests.

If you wish to raise your child, you may refuse consent. You will be responsible for all the legal and financial requirements as a father to the child. The child’s mother will also continue to be the child’s mother, since it is not possible for one parent to consent to the adoption and the other parent to continue as the child’s only parent. If the mother of your child is asking you to consent to an adoption and you want to raise the child, you should seek legal assistance without delay.

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Independent Adoptions for Seattle and Washington Birth Fathers

If you give consent, you may choose to allow the mother to go forward with whatever choice she chooses to make in regards to adoption. However, it is also your right to participate, if you choose to. Whatever your relationship with the mother, it is good to have a collaborative mindset and work together to make choices you can both be satisfied with.

In an independent adoption, the birth parents select the adoptive parents that best fit their ideas for how the child is to be raised. You will have access to information about the potential parents, and may even choose to meet with them. There are a variety of goals you may have when choosing adoptive parents: Someone who shares your culture or your religion, parents who will be able to provide educational opportunities for your child, or whatever else is important to you.

In an independent adoption, the adoptive parents are thoroughly screened for criminal, medical, psychological, and financial issues. They must submit to a homestudy, where a social worker examines their living conditions and fitness as parents.

The adoptive parents can reimburse the birth parents or pay for certain expenses directly related to the birth of the child, such as medical expenses and, sometimes, lost wages.

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Open Adoption for Washington Birth Fathers

An open adoption means that the birth parents maintain some kind of continued contact with the adoptive parents or the child. The contact can be an occasional update or photos from the adoptive parents about the child, letters or cards on special occasions, such as birthdays, or even visits.

Open adoption is an available option for birth fathers. If you are hesitant to give your consent to an adoption but recognize that an adoption may be the best decision for your child, an open adoption might be a good choice for you.

All parties must consent to the open adoption, including the adoptive parents. The birth mother may or may not be a part of the open adoption. A Washington adoption lawyer can help work out terms that are agreeable to everyone.

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Seattle Adoption Attorney Helping Washington Birth Fathers

Adoption is a process in which birth fathers have a say in Washington State. If you are the father to a child or expected child and want to consider adoption, or are being asked to consider adoption by the mother of the child, you can have input on the process. Washington adoption lawyer Joyce Schwensen helps birth mothers and birth fathers create adoption plans that work best for everyone. Call today at (206) 367-1065 to set up a consultation.

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