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Residential Real Estate Purchases and Sales

The purchase of a house or condominium is for most people the most significant purchase of their lives. And even if you are purchasing residential real estate as a rental property, or to fix up and flip in a quick re-sale, there are major pitfalls that have the potential to cost significant time and money.

And when selling residential property, there are many legal requirements that must be following, and which change often. Failure to know about these requirements and follow them can cause a sale to fail, or perhaps worse, open you up to major post sale liability. An experienced hand at the legal aspects of buying and selling residential real estate will guide you to a successful purchase or sale.

Washington Lawyer for Residential Real Estate Transactions

Joyce Schwensen is a skilled Washington real estate lawyer who can assist you with your residential property transaction, whether you are buying or selling. Small details can make or break a real estate purchase. Joyce Schwensen is a diligent attorney who carefully goes over every detail of the sale. Her goal is always to make sure you go into the transaction informed of everything you should know, that you abide by all applicable regulations, and that you get what you are entitled to from the transaction. Call the Law Office of Joyce S. Schwensen today at (206) 367-1065 to set up a consultation.

Joyce Schwensen assists people buying or selling residential real estate throughout King County, including Seattle, Renton, Bellevue and Kent. She may also assist with transactions across Washington State.

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Due Diligence for Seattle Residential Property Purchases

Due diligence is the process of discovering everything knowable about a property before closing on the purchase. Thorough due diligence can avoid nasty surprises when you discover, sometimes well after the purchase, that the real estate is not what it seemed. In these cases, making a successful claim back against the seller can be very difficult or even impossible. That is why is it so very important to protect yourself before closing the sale. Joyce Schwensen has represented buyers of residential real property in hundreds of transactions. If you are considering buying residential real estate, call the Law Office of Joyce S. Schwensen today at (206) 367-1065 to set up a consultation.

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Making the Transaction for Washington Residential Real Estate

Whether buying or selling residential real estate, you want the transaction to go as smoothly as possible,  you want the best price you can get, and you don't want any misunderstandings. A Washington real estate lawyer can negotiate the transaction on your behalf and help make sure the deal goes off without a hitch.

In a real estate transaction, it's extremely important for both parties that the purchase agreement have an accurate and exact description of the property being sold. It is never sufficient for the agreement to say "the lot at 123 Main Street." If you are the purchaser, an inaccurate description could lead to you not owning the full property you desired, which could dramatically affect your plans. If you are the seller, you could walk away thinking you have no more interest in the property, only to be sued years later for breaching the warranties of the deed.

Everything must be in writing for a real estate purchase: In fact, if a major term is left out the purchase and sale agreement may not even be enforceable. It is important that the parties document their agreement on every issue, such as who pays for repairs to the property that are needed before closing, what if the buyer can’t get financing, and what happens if there are covenants on the title that the buyer isn’t comfortable with.

If you are purchasing a property with existing tenants, it's important to review the existing agreements and understand your rights as the new owner. You may not be able to take occupancy of the property if there is a tenant in place. And even if the tenant is on a month to month lease you might have to run a legal eviction procedure to gain possession of the property. As seller you may be liable to the buyer if a tenant does not move out before you close the sale..

As your attorney, Joyce Schwensen can help negotiate and structure the deal in a way where you get the most value and are best protected from liability. This is an important decision with major legal ramifications and consequences, and an attorney's counsel can make a tremendous difference.

Law Office of Joyce S. Schwensen | Washington Attorney for Residential Property Sale and Purchase

As the buyer or seller of residential real estate, you have many expectations for how the transaction will proceed. Washington real estate lawyer Joyce Schwensen can help make sure your transaction lives up to those expectations. A mistake in a transaction this big can be disastrous. Let an attorney experienced in these matters assist you. Call the Law Office of Joyce S. Schwensen today at (206) 367-1065 for a consultation.

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