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My law firm has played an important role in helping parents, families, and businesses across Seattle, Washington, overcome critical legal matters and grow. This includes situations of adoption, real estate litigation, small business law, wills, probate, and other matters in Washington. I am proud of the trust that my clients continue to place in me and for each referral that comes my way as a result.

On this page, you can find reviews clients have left about Law Office of Joyce S. Schwensen throughout the years. This is just a small sample of the positive results that I endeavor to provide each and every single client, no matter their situation.

“Joyce was very professional and knowledgeable when she assisted us in the adoption of our two children. We would use her again and recommend her highly to anyone looking for an attorney to assist with their adoption.”

– Sue, adoption and real estate client.

 “Joyce was a pleasure to work with. She is the expert in her area and we relied on that. She gave us a ballpark of how much it would cost and she came in right on target. That means a lot in this world where most lawyers would nickel and dime you to death! I recommend her highly.” 

- Kamala, adoption client

 “Joyce has helped us tremendously with any and all of our family law dealings. She helped us put together a family will a few years ago and did a very thorough and thoughtful job. She also handled the closing on the sale of our rental property. She is very responsive on email and is quick with an answer as how to handle a situation. We always trust Joyce!” 

 - Patti and Wills, real estate client

 “We used Joyce for the adoption of our little girl. She came highly recommended from our agency and we were impressed with her the first moment we spoke to her. We were from out of state and she took the time to explain every detail of the process to us. When we hit a paperwork glitch at the hospital she drove down to speak to the individuals in charge on a Saturday and it was a holiday weekend. She is a great attorney.” 

Timothy and Heather, adoption clients

“I don't know where you would be able to find an attorney who would help advise you when you are already in the midst of a short sale. We did not know this until we started looking for one. My husband and I were right in the thick of things with selling our home thru an agent via short sale....and we felt we were being eaten alive thru most of the ordeal by just about everyone involved. We also were not understanding some of the documentation that we were expected to sign. We searched for an attorney who might advise us on some issues we had and who we could have review all documents so as to look out for our best interests....in fact we contacted 4 attorneys and to our surprise all of them refused to advise or help us with anything we needed unless we had hired them from the ground up to handle our short sale. So as you can imagine.....we felt like no one would toss us a life jacket and that we were about to go under. However when we contacted Joyce...she was extremely compassionate and very sensitive to our very stressful situation....and she was more than willing to review all of our documents and look out for us so as to protect our best interests. She would show us options we could think about taking, and she would make sure we understood what she was telling us. We came away better understanding what we were getting into and better understanding of it all thanks to her. No one else was willing to look out for our best interest. She did ....and still is. It appears all of the other attorneys we tried to get to represent us were really just interested in the money. If that were not the case ...I would think they would have helped us out. With that kind of work ethics I am not sure what kind of support we may have had.

A family member of mine told me he used Joyce for a brief time once and that she was very helpful to him...so we decided to give her a call. We are so glad we did....thank you Joyce for all of your help and support!

We highly recommend Joyce Schwensen if you are in need of an attorney in the Puget Sound area. We kind of feel like she tossed us that life jacket so we were able to come up for some air.”

 – Steve and Kathy, real estate clients

“Joyce is a fantastic adoption attorney...I have referred and will continue to refer to her. She made the process of step-parent adoption as seamless as it could be. And I had a not cooperative birth parent to deal with. I can not say enough good things about her.”

– Stephanie, adoption client

“Most recently, Joyce helped me navigate a complicated step-parent adoption.  She handled the difficult and uncomfortable dynamics of the case with ease and understanding.  Previously she had helped me form a limited liability company for my business, and though her passion is obviously adoption, she moves with clients effortlessly through a variety of law types. Her fees were fair, and I actually enjoyed my meetings with her. I recommend her without reservation.”

– Megan, adoption and business client

“Joyce helped me set up two different businesses (one LLC and one S-Corp) and wrote up shareholder agreements for both. She is easy to work with and it was very clear that she always had my best interests in mind when writing the agreements.”

– Jon, business client

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